Pro Daycare

$50/dog per day

$200 for a 5-Pack

How To Prepare

Bring leash, sturdy collar w/ up to date name tag and harness.

Bring your dog’s days worth of food and don’t feed your dog that morning. We prefer to use their food as much as possible for training in order to reinforce any good behaviors. When teaching new commands, exercises, etc, it’s important that we motivate them to complete the task through wanting to participate because it’s fun and rewarding.

Make sure dogs are vaccinated with core vaccines: Bordatella, rabies and parvo.

Make sure to skip breakfast for your dog in the morning to motivate them better to work and learn. You can bring their breakfast in a bag for us to use. Additionally on the first day of drop off, please bring a copy or picture of your pups vaccinations and create a little profile at the front office of Vinjons for ease of admin.

When you arrive, text your trainer, or go to the front desk and we will come to get your dogs one-by-one.

Drop-off bewteen 9:45-10:15am
Pick-up between 3:00-5:00pm

We have a limit of 10 dogs per day so the sooner you book, the more likely your dog will get to join us!

For any extra info please call or text George at: ‪(657) 213-3608‬