Hey howdy, Happy November! I'm excited to share some news for the upcoming months.

I’m publishing a book!
It’s The Official George the Dog Trainer Handy Dandy Book, which will let me reach the most people for the lowest cost and allows me to help infinitely more dogs and families. I’d be ever grateful for your support. Click here to get connected.

Current Dog Training Services

With this whole pandemic and now fires, things have been challenging for all.  I found the most success for dogs and families through daycare drop off training and will be offering services throughout the holiday season. Additionally, board and train and private lessons are available; however, many people's travel schedules are messed up. Check out program pricing and options here.

New Daycare Services

If your dog is trained but y'all are pent up and driving each other nuts, I highly recommend my new outdoor daycare services at Vinjons Kennel in Yorba Linda as well as free Puppy Playtimes and Pack Walks on a weekly basis to keep you and your dog socially active and happy.


Over the years I have served thousands of dogs in our community and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  A mentor of mine says the most important thing in business is to stay in business. If I have served you or your dog well I would be humbled if you would support me through authentic feedback. 


For you to tell a friend or leave an honest and positive review of your experience with me and your dog would be the greatest gift for my business and goals. Click through here to do so.

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