Best Dog Trainer in Yorba Linda

offering summer group training


We care about you & your pet!

George has served hundreds of local families.


Using "Positive First" methods, George has successfully trained and served over one thousand dogs in his 5 years of dog training.


Classes are based in the heart of Yorba Linda. Hosted at Paws 'N' Play.

We are recognized in our community

About George The Dog Trainer

I believe that time with our dogs is valuable. I offer the most effective, humane, and long lasting dog training in Yorba Linda.


My method takes a dog-centered approach to meet your specific lifestyle & needs of your dog and family.


I have been training dogs in my community for over five years. I have an incredible reputation for service, advanced training abilities, and passion for supporting dogs & families. 

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* Any aggression shown in the dog requires an initial consultation.