Connection through Communication

Find out what program is best for you and your dog: 

Single Training Session

At your convenience, you can schedule a single in-person, or virtual training session for your dog.


One hour of private training

Canva - Woman is training her dog to lie

Basic Manners and Obedience

This four-week leash walking and basic obedience program is a great fit for many dogs and families who just want to be able to live a pleasant life with their dog.



Four Private Lessons, Pack Walks

Canva - Woman Is Walking with a German S

Advanced Training

E-collar and off-leash training Is an eight-week program that gives families the skills and tools to take their dog to more challenging environments or maintaining the ability to control and communicate with your dog at a distance, Whether that be at the beach, the park, hiking, or anywhere in between.



Eight Private Lessons, Pack Walks


Jump-Start Training

With this program, I train the dog for you and pass the skills and tools off to you once the dog understands them. As a professional dog trainer, I can get better and faster results In a way that is more convenient for humans and dogs. $2495*
Various options including:

Board and Train, In-Home Training, Trainer Handling, Pack Walks, Other services

* financing available